Swimming Pool Construction Process

Wondering how to build a concrete pool? Let the experts show you how!

Building on over 17 years of concrete pool construction experience, the team at Cascade Pools is well-versed on the art of creating an oasis in your backyard.

Using only the best quality materials and highly skilled tradesmen, we ensure that your experience of a pool construction process with us is nothing but a smooth sailing one! You’ll be sure to enjoy our excellent workmanship and keen attention to detail.

If you’re thinking of building a concrete pool, see below for a detailed explanation of the construction process.

Concrete swimming pool construction period

Generally the construction period will take anywhere between 5 to 8 weeks depending on weather. Council approvals without any Development Applications take approximately 2 weeks.

Stages of concrete pool construction process



Upon signing of the contract and payment of deposit, your pool plans are submitted to our engineer and private certifier to obtain building approval from your local council.

Stage 1: Excavation
Stage 1 commences with the marking out of the pool position. Our experienced excavator operators will then dig the exact shape and depth required. Each bar of reinforced steel is then individually placed to the engineer’s and council’s stringent specifications, along with any internal plumbing necessary before the spraying of the shell.


Stage 2: Completion of structural shell
The second stage is the concreting of the pool shell. The shell will be sprayed and shaped to the required contours of your pool.


Stage 3: Completion of Coping/Tiling
Stage 3 is the laying of coping tiles and if chosen, also the waterline tiles. Any feature walls unable to be done during stage 2 will also be built and tiled/rendered now.


Stage 4: Installation of Filtration equipment
Stage 4 is the running of all external plumbing and installation of the filtration equipment.
If the pool is being constructed on a new building site, the filtration will be installed just prior to handover of the site to the clients from their builder.


Stage 5: Internal Lining and Initial Chemical Treatment
The chosen interior, such as pebble or glass bead is now completed and the pool is filled within 48 hours. As per current council safety regulations, the pool fence must be certified prior to the filling of the pool.

Once the pool is full of water it will be commissioned. Chemicals are added and all equipment and features will be checked.


Stage 6: Practical Completion and Handover
Handover of the pool. A Customer Handover & Maintenance Booklet will be supplied and we will go through a comprehensive Handover Checklist.

Full instructions are given on all installed equipment and the regular maintenance required to keep your pool looking its best.

For more information on Cascade Pools’ concrete swimming pool construction process, contact us on (07) 3800 4762 today!

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