Concrete Pool Cost

Our obligation free quotes list all details of our pricing, a full list of inclusions and brochures of the equipment we supply. We tell you up front of any foreseeable costs you may incur.

Concrete Pools Premium Range Costs & Inclusions

  • Standard Council and Engineering fees. This includes a Steel Inspection by the Engineers when formwork is complete, and a Final Inspection by the Certifiers on the pool and pool fence.
  • Initial start-up chemicals are supplied with handover kit which includes resuscitation sign, pool broom, leaf scoop, 4-in-1 test kit and manual vacuum.
  • Refund of excavation allowance: The excavation allowance in your quote is provisional. We will provide you copies of all invoices incurred for excavation and soil removal. If total invoice costs are less than your excavation allowance, we will refund you the difference.
  • Warranties: All equipment is covered by manufacturers warranties, plus a full six year structural warranty applies.


  • If excavation costs exceed your dig allowance, the excess amount will be charged at the contractors invoice cost only. Copies of all invoices incurred for excavation and soil removal will be supplied.

Unless stated in your quotation, no allowance has been made for the following:

  • Electrical connections such as power points for filtration, cables for pool lighting and other equipment such as heaters.
  • Permanent pool fencing around pool to local council regulations.
  • Landscaping outside of the coping area such as pathways, decking, gardens and retaining walls.
  • Water : Most local councils allow filling of the pool and topping up via town water/hose. Anyone on tank water/trickle feed will need to supply water for the initial filling of the pool via tanker.
  • It is the owners responsibility to relocate/repair any electrical, water, sewer, gas, telephone or stormwater service lines located within the pool area access path.
  • Development application fees that are non-standard e.g. Building over sewer. These fees are not common and are determined by each individual local councils regulations.

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2015 SPASA Australia Gold Award
2014 SPASA Australia Silver Award
SPASA Queensland Award of Excellence 2013 – Traditional pool
SPASA Queensland Award of Excellence 2013 – Natural pool
SPASA Queensland Award of Excellence 2013 – Indoor pool

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