Building Myrtha Pools in Queensland

Myrtha Stainless Steel Swimming Pools – Commercial Pool Builders & Installation Services

Whether it’s for a sporting club, water park, school or university campus, Cascade Pools offers a fast installation & premium service for building Myrtha Pools in Brisbane.

With laminated stainless steel panels and buttress systems, Myrtha Pools are not only waterproof but offer the perfect pool solution for commercial purposes.

These innovative pool designs are gaining popularity across aquatic centres in over 70 countries and have been used in worldwide events like the Olympic Games and World Swimming Championships.

Myrtha Technology in action
Myrtha features a patented modular pool system, featuring laminated stainless steel panels and a buttress system, enables a Myrtha structure to attain perfect water-proofing, as well as strength and sturdiness. Myrtha technology provides the ideal solution to the many limitations of traditional reinforced concrete structures and ordinary prefabricated swimming pools.

Myrtha technology is impeccable when choosing to invest in long term quality and safety. With leading edge technology, these modern pool designs the best quality choice when building your commercial swimming pool.

They are the perfect choice for highly flexible projects; whether it’s a particularly precise swimming pool requirement for a community centre or a more elaborate swimming pool design. Myrtha Pools offer alternate solutions for commercial pool building compared to the limitations of other more traditional concrete structures or swimming pools. 

Better yet, the modern technology of Myrtha Pools means they are extremely environmentally friendly. Choosing a Myrtha Pool can reduce carbon emissions by as much as 45% compared to traditional concrete tile pools.


Get in contact with Cascade Pools today to see how our new Myrtha Pools range can fit your Brisbane home perfectly!


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2015 SPASA Australia Gold Award
2014 SPASA Australia Silver Award
SPASA Queensland Award of Excellence 2013 – Traditional pool
SPASA Queensland Award of Excellence 2013 – Natural pool
SPASA Queensland Award of Excellence 2013 – Indoor pool

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